Guide For The Best VPN Services for iPhone

Today, smartphones are an equally common tool for internet access as PCs. that’s why it should be remembered that web privacy vulnerabilities are not less relevant when iPhones or other mobile devices are used, say, to visit websites or exchange data online. Good news, however, is that many options are available to ensure privacy of online activities and evade massive censorship, and the best choice here is a VPN service. The huge amount of iPhone sales worldwide means that many users in many different regions look for VPN solutions to protect their privacy, access otherwise inaccessible web resources or solve other relevant tasks.

VPN Services for iPhones

The revelations by Edward Snowden two years ago shed bold and unpleasing light on the issues of online security and mass-scale censorship. Today, a VPN is a must for any privacy-concerned web user. Online privacy goes far beyond the protection of sensitive personal data like passwords or credit card details. It means the freedom of self-expression, thinking, writing and communication without external control or intervention. The relevance of information protection is even higher for the mobile device users who widely employ for internet access numerous public Wi-Fi networks which are much more vulnerable to hacker attacks in comparison with private networks. VPN services are one of the best tools to ensure privacy of web activities. All you need to do is to find the right provider and pay a small monthly fee in exchange for the freedom of uncensored and otherwise unrestricted internet life.

iOS VPN Protocol Selection

Let’s start from a brief review of VPN protocols, their positive and negative sides.

  • PPTP cannot be named the best solution for a long run. Moreover, PPTP is the least secure option considering all VPN protocols. Nevertheless, it can be used for a fast connection to public Wi-Fi networks, it is widely supported and offers easy setup algorithms.
  • L2TP/IPsec provides better security than PPTP, but it is still less than perfect and with more difficult setup procedures. However, many of VPN providers assist their customers and develop guidelines or auto configuration files.
  • OpenVPN is the most secure tool with best speed performance and a smart combination of varied security features, which makes it a great choice for privacy protection. Manual configuration is required, and setup cannot be called an easy task. OpenVPN Connect can be used to facilitate and speed up this procedure by anyone who has a 3G-enabled iPhone.

A built-in VPN is available in any iPhone, and most iPhones come with PPTP or L2TP support. Latest versions offer OpenVPN. In order to check the built-in client, open Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN. If there are no built-in access options, the OpenVPN Connect app can be downloaded to use OpenVPN. This review was developed on the basis of in-depth comparative analysis and presents the most reliable VPNs for iPhone users.

IPVanish for iPhone {ios}

Things we liked:

  • Superb connection speeds

  • Excellent iOS support

  • Smart security features

  • Ease of use

  • P2P allowed

Things we didn't like:

  • Can be disregarded

IPVanish is one of the major VPN providers in the market. It offers great user options compatible with all platforms. The best advantages of IPVanish are high performance and high connection speeds. Geographic distribution of servers is impressive: they are run in more than 60 locations worldwide. Also there are an exclusive content handling mechanism and superb network architecture. This guarantees a perfect user experience and utmost convenience. If the benefits listed above are still not enough, there is another good reason: the solution marketed by IPVanish was intrinsically designed with a clear iOS focus. It is equally effective for iPhones, PCs, Macs and Androids, with smart user interface and easy navigation options. P2P sharing is allowed since recently. This means that IPVanish can also be used for torrenting. More information is available online, in the IPVanish web-site.

ExpressVPN for iPhone {ios}

Things we liked:

  • Zero-logging policy

  • Great security options

  • Impressive connection speeds

  • Perfect customer care

  • P2P allowed

Things we didn't like:

  • Expensive prices

ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers with a number of clear competitive advantages including high level of security, impressive performance and connection speeds, nicely-packed iOS client, direct options for server connection and disconnection via the application and, the last but not the least, superb customer care. The company follows zero-logging policy and offers 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN protocol as a standard option for all devices to ensure high privacy levels. ExpressVPN runs 80 servers in different regions to maintain high connection speeds: L2TP or PPTP can be used to increase performance even further. Indeed, the price tag is not cheap. That’s why ExpressVPN failed to receive the best score. However, it remains an excellent and versatile choice for iPhone users. Visit their web-site to sign up online and get first-hand experience.

VyprVPN for iPhone {ios}

Things we liked:

  • Great security level

  • Mix of paid and free versions

  • 3 connections can be maintained at a time for different devices

Things we didn't like:

  • Log recording and retention for a month

  • Poor basic plan where nothing more that PPTP is offered

VyprVPN is a synonym of great speeds. They offer cloud storage on a free-of-charge basis and proprietary high-end Chameleon encryption tool. High level of security is attained, among others, thanks to VyprVPN’s membership in the Golden Frog group. An adverse side effect is that they keep and retain 30-day logs. Basic plan offered by VyprVPN is really poor, with no firewall and nothing more than PPTP. However, there is also a free version with 2 concurrent connections, a firewall, OpenVPN and monthly data usage limited to bite-size 500 MB. Yet another alternative is presented by Pro and Premium accounts, which are more expensive, with a similar scope of features and no data usage limits.

Private Internet Access for iPhone

Things we liked:

  • Excellent speed performance

  • Zero-logging policy

  • Bitcoin payments accepted

  • 3 connections can be maintained at a time for different devices

  • Money-back guarantee for one week

Things we didn't like:

  • Weak iOS support

  • L2TP is used by default

  • Weak speed performance

First of all, Private Internet Access, or PIA, can be praised for high-end security which is ensured, among others, by zero-logging policy, IP sharing and internet kill-switch to name just few. Money-back guarantee extended for 1 week can be used for a non-binding trial run. 3 connections can be maintained simultaneously, but speed performance is sometimes far from being superb. The iOS app is, in fact, worse than the one for Androids because of weak customer service and L2TP selected by default instead of OpenVPN (which ruins speed and security). OpenVPN can be set up at own discretion of the user, but the process is long and rather difficult. Otherwise, good choice. Follow this link for more details and user account setup.

iPhone VPN Summary

The privacy of web activities and challenges imposed by the governmental censorship in many countries are becoming increasingly relevant for each and every citizen in general and internet user in particular. Obviously, anyone wants to stay protected from supervision or outside intrusion. Smartphones and other mobile devices shall be no less protected than desktops, and VPN services is the best tool to fulfill this task.