A Review For PrivateWiFi Paid VPN Service

VPN Plans

Unlimited VPN $9.95 / month $84.95 / year Data Transfer: Unlimited VPN Servers: N/A Located Countries: California, Virginia, Singapore, Netherlands, United States, New Jersey, Missouri IP Address: N/A Supported Protocols: SSL connection, OpenVPN Supported Platforms: Mac OS/X, Windows, Snow Leopard

Other Features

PrivateWiFi VPN server offers relaxing features to entertain privacy conscious internet users concealing their actual IP address and location with proper replacement. It involves dynamic technology of OpenVPN and SSL protocols to grant you unconstrained data transferring option. Premium members of this server may enjoy server location of California, Virginia, Singapore, Netherlands, United States, New Jersey and Missouri. Sophisticated compatibility of PrivateWiFi VPN server allows you to install it on Mac OS/X, Snow Leopard, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. It also offers free trial for VPN but only for three days and if you feel satisfaction within this initial period, you can follow pricing plan as $9.95 / month or $84.95 / year through up to standard payment options of PayPal account, Visa, American Express, Credit card, Discover and MasterCard. Discount offer is also available for budget conscious individuals and they can get relevant information through online technical support. PrivateWiFi VPN server is here with dynamic/shared IPs and unlimited VPN account but if you want to know about torrent or P2P restrictions, you should contact service supplier. Phone support, live support and email support are various modes that may prove helpful to resolve technical issues regarding performance or installation of server. When you have concealed IP and location, shrewd hackers cannot find access to observe online activities of internet users and consequently, they cannot disturb continuation of surfing activities. In fact, there is no security for public Wi-Fi setup and it exposes record of your personal email, Facebook content and private traffic. However, with PrivateWiFi VPN server you can make every sort of web-based activity invisible in order to enjoy web anonymity. It protects confidential as well as sensitive data by encrypting sent or received information. Installation of server does not consume time and takes several seconds to complete process of instant activation. If you are thinking about full online anonymity, you can accomplish your desires with this particular server. You may understand overall performance of PrivateWiFi VPN server as firewall software or an antivirus that prevent infections whilst securing web-based privacy of internet users. Whenever you involve into internet related activities, it starts working automatically and you can observe its working process through a little taskbar icon that emerges at screen bottom of operating system. Powerful hackers, commercial ventures or non-government agencies cannot track your performance due to encrypted traffic. PrivateWiFi VPN server retains capacity to bypass outside traffic for the sake of online confidential security and it never changes it working quality when you are travelling from one place to another. Standard quality 128-bit encryption assures full privacy security enabling you deal with private traffic, banking and sensitive marketing simultaneously keeping it secure. It will be a good investment on part of conscious internet users to create close affiliation with this rewarding server.

Customer Reviews

Customers with association of PrivateWiFi VPN server express their views that go in favor of this technology. According to these valued customers, there is no match for this unsurpassed server and it is liable for online confidential security. Privacy conscious generation has been taking more interest in instant installation of server than ever before. They are protecting their fundamental right for privacy to enjoy free of interruption surfing. There is no doubt that PrivateWiFi VPN server is compact exposure of multiple features and they favor privacy related intentions too. It stops hackers coming into the realm of your internet-based activities, browsing of banned sites and private communication. Hackers turn into helpless creature because of authoritative command and strong security of PrivateWiFi VPN server.