TorGuard Review – Should you try the TorGuard VPN Service? [2021]

TorGuard Review Summary
Overview: TorGuard is a web company based in Panama that provides VPN products for secure internet use, and specializes in privacy and security software for clients who want to use online applications without having their data collected. The site is aimed at users who want to protect their identities while using file-sharing BitTorrent. TorGuard is regarded as a reliable, secure and fast VPN, with speedy online access and excellent customer service. It has an especially high rating among torrent upload and download clients.
Over the past year, TorGuard has worked hard to re-invigorate its feature offering an image so as attract more users to their anonymous VPN service. TorGuard was already a solid VPN provider especially as far as protecting users’ online profiles is concerned. Previously, the company’s services appealed more to P2P file sharers and torrent users, but they’ve refined their VPN offering as well. The company still permits P2P downloading and maintains a high level of privacy for user data.

TorGuard Pricing

TorGuard offers some of the best prices of any VPN, and 30-day money back guarantee. Torguard also offers a FREE TRIAL to customers looking to see how the service functions without committing. In addition to their famous Anonymous VPN package (pricing below), TorGuard offers an Anonymous Bittorrent Proxy service for those only interested in file-sharing. Users who sign up for Anonymous VPN from TorGuard are instantly granted access to thousands of IP address that stem from over 30 servers in 9 countries. With this basic package, users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and internet connection speeds.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings

1 month

$9.95 (order now)











TorGuard’s pricing structure comprises three plans: a Bittorent proxy, a regular VPN plan, and a Torrent VPN plan offered at $5.95, $9.95, and $4.99 per month respectively. They also offer a separate anonymous proxy account at $5 per month. The anonymous Bittorent Proxy plan is aimed at BitTorrent users that need high levels of anonymity and privacy while downloading files. The anonymous VPN plan offers the regular VPN features to secure your data and provide a level of privacy. The torrent VPN plan also offers more or less the same VPN features as the anonymous VPN plan.

TorGuard Features

TorGuard offers a full roster of features including identity masking via anonymous IP addresses, unlimited speeds and bandwidth, access to servers in 13 separate countries allowing customers to bypass censorship and allow access and streaming from sites like Hulu, Facebook, Netflix regardless of location. Additionally, the TorGuard VPN offers an intuitive and easy-to-use app for Android users and a free anonymous email address for all users. The email account is secured with web-based G/PGP encryption and comes with 10mb of free offshore email storage. For a young company, TorGuard’s roster of features is pretty impressive. TorGuard allows customers to use the product without any prior knowledge and connect a number of different devices using the same membership. It has a good, user-friendly website, is quick to address issues that come up, and has a friendly interface.

TorGuard Servers

As always, TorGuard doesn’t directly reveal the precise number of servers they have, but their overage areas are mostly the Far East, Europe, and North America. They state that users can access more than 20 different IP addresses in a country. In addition, the company has stealth servers that use advanced technology to covert user traffic into ‘normal’ HTTP so as to bypass firewall filters for countries such as Pakistan and China. The company’s Hong Kong based servers are all configured as stealth servers due to the high rate of Internet censorship in the region. Connecting to TorGuard’s servers will unblock censored content on any website.

TorGuard Speed

As a site that markets itself as the VPN of choice to video downloaders and streamers, Torguard tries to offer high-level service to its customers. It provides a good selection of servers and load balancing and continues to add servers to help maximize performance. TorGuard has at least 30 servers operating in 9 countries and with unlimited bandwidth and internet speeds, users report impressive connection times and internet speeds.

TorGuard Security and Privacy

TorGuard supports OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols wit 128-bit Blowfish encryption or 256-bit AES. The encryption level you get is automatically selected depending on the server you’re connected to. Privacy is TorGuard’s strongest feature. The company is well known for its commitment to privacy. Their privacy policy is clear: absolutely no logs are kept. While they keep billing info, they also allow anonymous payments, meaning that users who are concerned that their billing info could compromise their anonymity can opt for anonymous payment services. The only worry is that the company’s headquarters are in the US and, therefore, they’re liable to the country’s laws. But since they don’t maintain logs (because there is no law mandating it in the US), they will not have anything to reveal to authorities when served with appropriate letters. TorGuard protects the privacy of its clients, keeping data safe using encryption and moving servers to prevent tracking or location detection. The servers themselves are safe, private and impenetrable, and the system is secure without disrupting service or interfering with online activity. TorGuard uses a 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and prides itself on not keeping any records or logs of the various IP addresses that its users employ.

TorGuard Support

TorGuard’s client support is somewhat lacking. The most prominent form of contact is live chat via their website and this is only during US working hours (although they claim it is 24×7 online support). They also offer email support via their site and that’s about it. In all, TorGuard is a serious VPN provider for users who are serious with online privacy. They are very transparent with their privacy policy and seem transparent too. Their actions echo what is stated in their policy, which is both assuring and refreshing to know of a VPN service. TorGuard has an excellent, high-level website and a helpful FAQ page. The VPN product is very easy to locate on their site amidst TorGuard’s other technological offerings, and the information is organized and easy-to-follow. They have a comprehensive emailing system for customers, a ticket-based support system that ensures a quick turnaround time, and a 24/7 online consulting platform for immediate help with any VPN issues.

TorGuard Ease of Use

TorGuard has a straightforward interface and is easy to install and configure. Unlike other VPNs that do not involve a download, users must install TorGuard’s VPN platform on their computers and mobile devices. Plenty of information is displayed on their site to help a customer do basic troubleshooting. TorGuard offers unprecedented levels of user anonymity and privacy and is geared towards users who want to stream or download from a variety of BitTorrent sites.