CyberGhost VPN Review

About CyberGhost

CyberGhost Premium VPN provides OpenVPN SSL security at the low end of the price range, but with a limitation of 40 GB of traffic per month. Bandwidth upgrades are available with it. CyberGhost has a network of servers located in Germany. The German servers are extremely fast and the software has excellent features. The biggest limitation is that the servers are in a jurisdiction where VPN is illegal and this may not be a helpful jurisdiction for many users. In our view, German servers only is a risk for VPN users because even if the service says it doesn’t log information, it could be forced to log information, as the officers of the company reside in Germany and have German servers under their control. This is not a safe solution. CyberGhost’s poor unpersonalized support, slow response time, poor FAQs is another disadvantage to consider when considering CyberGhost VPN Premium service. Excellent software, easy to use, intuitive interface, very good features list and high-speed servers. The unpersonalized support and slow response time, poor FAQs, and no real support and Germany only servers make this service unusable for many that require either decent support or servers in several jurisdictions. In our view, using German servers only is a risk for VPN users because even if the service says it doesn’t log information, it could be forced to as the officers of the company reside in Germany and have German servers under their control. This is not a safe solution.

About CyberGhost VPN Service

CyberGhost VPN is one of the best paid VPN services. It acts as a firewall and server between your PC and your ISP, and insures your browsing the Internet anonymous. As same as other VPN services, CyberGhost lets you surf the Internet normally while hiding your real IP address and displaying an untraceable IP address. The most exciting feature of CyberGhost is the free VPN service they provide, which gives you 1 GB of traffic per month. For most of the people, 1 GB is good enough to read the news and access Facebook, Twitter and other banned websites. To install and set up CyberGhost is very easy. What you need to do is just creating a username and password as normal. There are other advantages if you choose CyberGhost as your VPN service provider:

  • Protecting public hotspots. CyberGhost VPN supports encrypted data traffic, thereby providing effective protection against hackers.
  • Protecting your data transfers. If you lost a connection, CyberGhost VPN will automatically reconnect and therefore protect your data transfers from becoming visible. If the reconnection is impossible, CyberGhost VPN will interrupt all your other data transfers immediately.
  • Up to 30% faster access. Under the help of compression technology, accessing websites with CyberGhost VPN is up to 30% faster.
  • Additional firewall functionality. CyberGhost VPN is also working as a reliable firewall.
  • Free online backup storage.  The Premium version of CyberGhost VPN already comes with 2 GB of completely encrypted data storage.

CyberGhost VPN Plans:

Unlimited VPN 5.99 EUR / month for Classic VPN 9.99 EUR / month for Premium VPN 13.99 EUR / month for Premium Plus

CyberGhost Features

Data Transfer: Unlimited / 10 GB VPN Servers: N/A Located Countries: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, United States, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany IP Address: N/A Supported Protocols: Free Proxy, OpenVPN SSL Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows Other Features:  CyberGhost VPN along with all-inclusive locations like United States, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine and Switzerland offers premium protection for web-based activities. If Classic VPN suits your interests, you need to pay 5.99 EUR/month and in case your preferences for Premium Plus, you need to pay 13.99 EUR/month. This server supports Mac, Linux, Windows XP, Window Vista and Windows 7. It follows supported protocols as Free Proxy and OpenVPN SSL to hide dedicated IP with metered VPN account. Free trial for CyberGhost VPN is not obtainable as suppliers do not offer but you can enjoy this service paying through GiroPay, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Check and PayPal. When the downloading process completes, you need to double-click in order to follow more instructions for quick and perfect installation. You may enjoy 2-Mbps limited bandwidth when you test it initially. Regular internet surfers can improve their communication standard with an increased downloading performance of selected server package. Preferences for Premium CyberGhost VPN provide you high quality video streaming with surety of privacy for your internet related activities. If you select the other VPN package, it satisfies your privacy desires simultaneously removing geographically imposed constraints. It offers 512-kbit/s traffic-surfing speed. No doubt, you are curious about others but definitely, you do not like others’ interruption in your internet activities. This is the main reason that stirs feelings of privacy protection and CyberGhost server favors your interests to the level of valid satisfaction. If you care for privacy and want to entertain your every affair with specific confidentiality while operating on internet, CyberGhost VPN retains capacity to prevent trackers spoiling your private traffic. Simple applications of this server hide your IP address replacing with another location and identity and can easily visit banned websites to improve your performance. If you save your confidential details comprising credit card information, bank account or other details like this without installing CyberGhost server. It serves its users with complete protection of privacy and as proof; you may observe the fact that same location and IP address work for a number of CyberGhost users. When a large number of people use same IP and location, how can someone detect you specifically?

CyberGhost Customer Reviews:

Well-configured CyberGhost VPN prevents eavesdropping on the confidential data-transferring procedure. At the very moment, when customers establish a connection between the setup of server and computer, they receive SSL encryption to the range of 1024-bit. This encryption range maintains its uniqueness for each individual and assures for his privacy. Everyone can make himself anonymous installing this server but before downloading, create your own VPN account. It is easy to have access to CyberGhost VPN in order to relish powerful proximity to internet privacy. For anonymous surfing, CyberGhost proxy offers maximum privacy security without involving any manual configuration for browsing purposes. For promising internet confidentiality, customers should download system compatible browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It develops your surfing capabilities leading towards restricted messengers as Skype, Yahoo, MAN or ICQ. If you are among those customers who want to improve uncensored access to blocked websites, CyberGhost VPN grants extraordinary protection to your real identity and internet activities as well. It lets you enjoy the blocked content and blocked channels setting blockades for privacy disturbing factors. Through this cost-effective server, you receive the generous pleasure of web-based privacy that is impossible without this dynamic technology.

CyberGhost VPN Summary

Romanian-based CyberGhost is a solid provider. It offers regular feature and SW updates for free and paid VPN services. Impressive level of security is ensured, among others, by the anonymity of payments: details of user payments are deleted immediately upon processing. CyberGhost maintains a superb customer support, works out some proprietary security technologies and generously supports promising start-ups in the field of cyber-security. Despite of speed and connection limitations, CyberGhost is a good and versatile choice.

CyberGhost VPN PROS:

• Very good software • Easy to use and intuitive • High-speed servers • Zero-logging policy • Bitcoin payments accepted • IP sharing allowed

CyberGhost VPN CONS:

• Only German servers • No offshore servers • Unsafe privacy security with only Germany servers • Poor support, no response • Poor FAQs • Privacy Policy is assigned to a third party and there is no privacy for CyberGhost VPN subscribers • Concurrent connections are only maintained in the most expensive package • Speed limitations