HideMyAss Review – Should you try the HideMyAss Service? [2021]


HideMyAss Review Summary
HideMyAss is a UK-based company and chances are, you’ve probably already heard of them since you began looking for a VPN. Without a doubt, this is one of the world’s biggest and most popular VPN providers on the market and one of the main reasons for this is that HideMyAss offers more international servers than most other companies combined. HideMyAss provides a paid OpenVPN as well as PPTP service having 30-day money-back again assure. For 1 cost all servers and four,000 IPs. On every connection, HideMyAss provides its users with various IP. Data Transfer: Unlimited VPN Servers: 162 Located Countries: USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Australia, Moldova, France, Hungary, Panama, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Czech Rep, Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Egypt, India, Serbia, Italy, Hong Kong, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg IP Address: 38500+ Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers This is strong support via a simple to use software product and great North American and European server network. HideMyAss offers a personalized VPN service to secure your Internet connection and protect your identity online. With so much happening on the Internet now, you cannot afford to take chances with your data. Critical business deals, sensitive transactions, and a host of other confidential communications are all carried out over the Internet today. Be it for personal or business, you need to secure this kind of information and your own privacy on the Internet. HMA offers features that ensure the highest level of protection to guard against intruders, malware, and other threats on the Internet.

HideMyAss Profile

HideMyAss provides a paid OpenVPN plus PPTP service with a good 30-day money back guarantee. One price all servers and 4,000 IPs. On each connection, HideMyAss provides its users with a different IP address. This is an excellent service with an easy to use software product and a good North American and European server network. HideMyAss provides the OpenVPN standard with an easy to use software application at the middle market price range. HideMyAss has a large number of servers but fewer offshore servers. The application has multiple features and is simple to set up and use. The Privacy Policy is not ideal as certain personal data and IPs are logged and stored. The review only covers HideMyAss’s Open VPN service. The other protocol that they provide, PPTP, will be reviewed later in the year. HideMyAss is a solid VPN service with good support, an excellent software tool and a large server network. But privacy is not ideal as the service logs and caches personal information. The reason for this is service logs and caches personal information and management and the server network is predominantly based in the USA.

HideMyAss Services

HideMyAss offers the OpenVPN regular with the simple to use software program software at the centre of the market cost assortment. HideMyAss has a large number of servers but not enough offshore servers. The application has many functions and is easy to set up and use. The Privacy Coverage is less than perfect as particular personal information and IPs are logged and saved. This evaluation only addresses HideMyAss’s Open VPN support.

HideMyAss VPN Plans

HideMyAss has won plaudits and popularity through its entirely free web proxy, facilitated through the website itself. To browse anonymously and unblock websites, the free web proxy is more than sufficient. For users with a higher remit of needs, the Pro VPN is HideMyAss’ paid package and encompasses all of its features for a low-cost monthly fee. Starting at $11.52 per month, users can pay in bi-annual instalments to lower the price to $8.33 per month or annually to get a $6.55 per month rate. Businesses and bulk account customers can enquire to get a bespoke pricing structure. Pro VPN is subject to a generous 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Options Cost Per Month Total Cost Savings
Free Trial $0.00 $0.00 N/A
1 month $11.52 $11.52 0%
6 months $8.33 $49.99 28%
12 months $6.55 $78.66 43%
  • 1 Month – Pro VPN $9.99
  • 6 Months – $50.66
  • 12 Months – $78.66

HMA offers subscription packages starting at $11.52 per month up to $78.66 for the yearly plan. If you’d rather go for the six-month subscription, you’ll have to part with $49.99. Once your payment is cleared, your account will be up and running in less than an hour. The company utilizes their own custom-built client application that is downloadable once your account is activated. There is a mobile version of the client app for Android and iOS. Once you’re connected via the client app, you’ll have access to all features and services the company offers, with a lot of flexibility in your data usage.

HideMyAss Features

HideMyAss began life as a standalone proxy service, enabling users to surf anonymously and access websites blocked in their geographical region. This feature remains at the core of the product, but it has since been joined by a whole host of new features. These features make the package an overall security platform allowing people to remain safe and secure online. Alongside the original encrypted VPN service, HideMyAss now also boasts the world’s most complete database of public open proxies, anonymous e-mail function, secure file upload and anonymous referral software. Bandwidth and traffic are unlimited across all VPN connections, feted for their stability and speed. The aforementioned Secure IP Binding tool is unique to HideMyAss and is one of the only dedicated P2P security suites to rise in response to the US war on torrents. HideMyAss has servers in most major countries around the world and operates a wide range of protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and more.


If you have difficulty connecting you can export your connection log to NotePad or run a diagnostic test which provides us with more information about your system. Proxy support. Our software supports the input of proxy servers required for users already behind a proxy network.

Billing & Ppackages

Billing and packages screen display your billing cycle and our current prices.

Freeweb proxy

Use their free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity.

HideMyAss Server Locations

HMA’s gigantic global server network allows you to virtually reside in any of the 65 countries where they have a presence. In total, there are 570 servers on the company’s network in 135 global locations. For privacy protection, you can hide behind more than 69, 500 IP addresses so that all your Internet activity is anonymised. Regardless of your subscription, you’ll have access to all servers and IP addresses and there is no limit to how many times you can make server switches. This is a very welcome feature when trying to access geo-restricted websites. For instance, you cannot stream Netflix movies if you are connecting from outside of the US, but with a US-based VPN server from HMA, you will access Netflix with ease and complete anonymity.

HideMyAss Speed

The HideMyAss client has built-in tools to test the speed of different servers in different locations, enabling users the ability to pinpoint the best performing options without having to connect to them. You can switch between servers within seconds and without any loss of data security during the process. The server map allows users to make a distinction between the distances of different IP addresses which is useful for Pan-European or Pan-American connections. User testing has shown that there are almost always multiple options to connect to for ‘high speed browsing’ – a term given to connections which lose less than 10% of their speed. Across the board, HideMyAss speeds are more than sufficient for most online tasks – from streaming and gaming to downloading and uploading.

HideMyAss Security and Privacy

HMA avails three VPN protocols to secure your Internet connection including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. The level of encryption provided by a VPN is the measure of its security. HMA offers 256-bit AES encryption as the highest and 128-bit AES as lowest encryption on the PPTP protocol. Sadly, the less secure 128-bit is the default encryption that the company uses probably because it is faster. In addition, HMA’s reputation regarding user privacy is wanting, at least as far as the 2011 Cody Kretsinger case goes. Although the company’s official statement on privacy says that they don’t keep user logs for longer than 30 days, they do not categorically state that the data is deleted after that period. Moreover, being based in the UK means that the company is not impervious to UK and EU (and usually US) court orders, so if you’re serious about privacy and anonymity, you might want to find a non-UK based provider. With above average customer support, HMA is a solid provider of personalized VPN services for users who don’t care much for anonymity as much as they do for security.

HideMyAss Privacy

HideMyAss’ market-leading VPN is at the front of the class for 2 reasons: outstanding usability and unparalleled protection. Responding to criticism about its habit of logging IPs, the company responded by introducing the unique ‘Secure IP Binding’ feature which heightens security for P2P users and sharers. IP addresses are assigned dynamically to increase security and high levels of encryption are guaranteed for the duration of a session for full anonymous browsing. The standalone client can be ported on a USB key to be used in mobile locations or on unsecured networks, or accessed through the HideMyAss website itself.

HideMyAss Customer Support

The active community throughout the HideMyAss forums is one of the most engaging VPN discussions on the internet, giving the British-service a fantastic reputation for customer support without having to act upon it themselves. However, the official channels of support are staffed by highly qualified and knowledgeable staff that can be reached across e-mail, live chat and phone. During working hours – live chat and phone support are almost instantly answered; even e-mails are normally resolved within an hour. The UK phone line is a toll-free number staffed between 9am – 5pm GMT.

HideMyAss Ease of Use

The HideMyAss’ desktop client is one of the cleanest and most intuitive examples of VPN software on the market. The connection can be made with one click, as can switches between IP addresses, countries and protocols. Signing up for an account is easy and simple – the username and password can be used to log in to any HideMyAss client anywhere in the world. Overall, it’s no surprise that HideMyAss has dominated the VPN industry for almost a decade and there’s no indication that it’s going to lose that position any time soon. Unerring community and customer support, weekly innovation of services and incredibly affordable pricing all combine to make HideMyAss the best option available. The team is friendly, humorous and ready-to-help (though not round-the-clock). Also, they have a smartly tuned site for FAQs and communication to help set up and use the services.

Our Experience With HideMyAss

Prior to buying a month’s worth of this service, I was very crucial of other reviews I had keep reading the net. In fact, I commented on the couple of and suggesting the critiques had been so good, that it sounded like an ambitious rep who was attempting to increase his revenue. Following lots of studying, I last took the plunge. I can play games with barely any distinction in pace. I can view Hulu of BBC regardless of the reality I’m not in their countries. I’ll definitely renew my subscription. I signed up for this service so that I can mask my exercise on sites like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo. I do not like the sensation that everything I do is becoming watched by web Mega-Companies. HMA VPN is a fantastic answer. I love how the software will rotate my IP address across the whole US to be able to make everything I do look like it is coming from numerous individuals in random places.

HideMyAss Customer Reviews

Hidemyass is actually the first VPN product have tried personally and that I enjoy it a great deal. The program causes it to be simple to use. You will find lots of servers to choose from and that I haven’t had any problems getting connected. I’m pleased with the program and also the service. I’ve been utilizing it for a bit more than the usual week. I’ll mention one factor that appears sporadic in my experience. You will find certain web pages I access which are blocked within certain states. Quite simply, should I be hooking up to some server in New York, I expect the page to become blocked to my access after that. However, it is not blocked. After I look much deeper some sites the IP is within India, where obviously the page isn’t blocked. But when I perform a traceroute, I can tell that I’m hooking up from the server in New York. I do not think many of the faults with Hidemyass, but it’s not things I expected. Basically, make use of a different creation that simply experiences a proxy server in New York with no VPN, then your page is blocked when I expected. However, I think many people make use of a product such as this to achieve access where they’re blocked, to not be refused access likeI’m attempting to do within this situation. sorry if the sounds confusing. I haven’t yet approached tech support team because I haven’t had any technical problems, and so I cannot discuss the support quality. I’m not the very best person to discuss the rate either, due to the fact Personally, I do not pay lots of focus on speed due to the way in which I personally use my connection. However, I will state that I’ve no complaints concerning the speed. Overall I’m happy with HMA and would certainly recommend it. Your merchandise is BAR NONE the very best $11.58/month USD I spend every month. I subscribe to numerous financial notifications and All are now marketing utilization of a compensated proxy service for example that one (I submitted a recommendation of HMA towards the newsletters) — because of the progressively spying eyes of the federal government. I want this particular service to obtain round the super-prepared filters inside my place of work which block the websites I just read regularly– and, an internal source explained — monitors the websites I visit on the T-2 line. Hidemyass gets simpler and simpler to make use of and also the personal service could not be superior, specifically for a tyro much like me. One should be aware of and respect the work hours at GMT, though I’m inside a PSTzone and should lookup time variations. I’ve suggested HMA to everybody who does listen, even stone beginners and seniors who have a problem with their OS. Hidemyass will end up progressively essential as government snoops and anti-Internet legislation here in America and elsewhere make Internet use progressively available to monitoring — the EU/US governments wants each user to possess a personal identification. I’ve attempted several VPN companies through the years, however, I was amazed through the Hidemyass service. They’ve wrapped OpenVPN and PPTP methods having a control application that translates most of the “technical” facets of developing a VPN connection right into a button push or drop lower menu which makes it simple for customers whatsoever abilities to make use of. They have a large number of servers in lots of nations to select from, plus they provide speed testing, ping occasions, and load information which makes it simple for a person to choose the very best someone to use. My experience during the last handful of days has proven the connections to become consistently fast and reliable. The prices discount rates presently available get this to service an amazing value for anybody, IMO. The only real “knock” I’ve against Hidemyass may be the password flexibility for PPTP. After I sign in on my small Android tablet I have to make use of the cryptic HMA provided password when I am not seeing a method to personalize it. (The OpenVPN protocol uses the client’s primary account login and password).

HideMyAss Review Summary

Overall, I am very pleased with HideMyAss and would totally recommend these phones anybody that’s searching for VPN service. Hidemyass Pros

  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • 591 servers available in 69 countries, with constant expansion
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • Nice VPN Client
  • Many things are offered for free
  • Nice website

Hidemyass Cons

  • Legal issues in UK (they keep logs and user details and may disclose them upon authorities’ requests)

Thus, our tests are a positive statement that HideMyAss worked hard to set this up. Their Windows client can be named among the best; it offers many nice features to enrich user experience. Mobile clients are a little less perfect but demonstrate quick and positive development. Abstracting from security concerns and taking into account so many things that are offered for free, HideMyAss is a valuable choice.

Protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Data Allowance Unlimited
Servers UK, USA, Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Australia, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, South Korea, Denmark, Taiwan, Japan, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Romania, Latvia, Egypt, Moldova, Bulgaria, Finland, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Austria, Slovakia, Uruguay, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Panama, Iceland, South Africa, Croatia, Mexico, Jordan, Lithuania, Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Serbia, Greece, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Argentina
Data Logging None
Device Connections Up to 2 per account
Torrent Policy Not allowed
Free Trial None
Tech Support Live chat, Email
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Desktop software Available for Mac, Windows and Linux
Mobile applications Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Refund Policy 30-day guarantee

Official Site – www.hidemyass.com