StrongVPN Review – Should you try the StrongVPN Service? [2020]

StrongVPN is a well-respected VPN provider that was founded in 1994. Initially, this company sold PCs but then moved into the internet security business in 1995. StrongVPN is comprised of Windows, Mac and Linux experts in order to provide customer support and expertise for a wide range of customers. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.’s primary focus is to provide encryption, IP changing and security services through their network of high-speed servers. With StrongVPN, you can browse safely and anonymously without your browsing behaviour being tracked. StrongVPN is an established VPN provider with an impressive track record of reliability. They’ve been in the game since 1995 offering Internet related services and you’ll feel contended knowing that your security is entrusted with experienced professionals. When you visit the StrongVPN website, it will suggest the most ideal subscription package based on your location. Admittedly, StrongVPN is not the most affordable provider on the market, but they do guarantee top-notch performance. Their services seem to be tailored to savvy Internet users who are technically adept and know what they want from a VPN service.

StrongVPN is one of the largest and best in the industry of VPN providers.  A US-based company, StrongVPN is a vested VPN company with employees in the UK and Russia allowing them to provide superior, live 24/7 support.  It is important to choose a VPN provider with outstanding customer services if you are not networking savvy. StrongVPN server is the most accelerated server is the world, does not have any limits, allows torrent traffic and other P2P traffic, and is appropriate for many applications. There are many packages to choose from when using Strong VPN.  “3 City Special PPTP” is their best-selling package and is only $55/year, an average of $4.58/month.  That is definitely a deal!  You can also subscribe to their services for the low rate of $7/month if you prefer to not purchase a year package.  And if you join them on twitter and review their services, they will send you a $10 reward! One disadvantage of Strong VPN is they only have 5 switches per month, and 3 additional switches in the first 2 weeks.  You will have to pay if you want more STRONGVPN HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Founded in 1995 and US-based
  • Excellent support via support desk, phone help, Skype and live help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fastest VPN service wherever you are using our quality network.
  • Established VPN company you can trust.
  • Uptime is 99%.
  • Totally anonymous
  • Rapid connections
  • 1Gbits/s connection with no limitation on bandwidth.

Strong VPN Plans / Pricing

Premium PPTP and OPEN $4.58 / Month security is entrusted with experienced professionals. When you visit the StrongVPN website, it will suggest the most ideal subscription package based on your location. Admittedly, StrongVPN is not the most affordable provider on the market, but they do guarantee top-notch performance. Their services seem to be tailored to savvy Internet users who are technically adept and know what they want from a VPN service. StrongVPN’s pricing structure seems confusing for first-time visitors on the company’s website. For starters, there is no one-month plan as the minimum subscription is 3 months. There are seven packages in total: Lite PPTP, Standard PPTP, and Deluxe PPTP. While these grouped into the PPTP package, they can access PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP type servers, according to the description on the website and this is where the confusion comes in. The OpenVPN grouping entails Lite, Standard, and Deluxe OpenVPN plans, with access to PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP type servers as well OpenVPN servers. The PPTP packages cost $7, $12, and $15 per month while the OpenVPN packages cost $10, $15, and $20 per month respectively. Server switching is capped to a certain number per month and in some cases, you may have to contact customer care to do the switching. Extra fees are charged for exceeding your monthly cap. The Premium plan costs $30 per month and has fewer restrictions on server access. Evidently, the packages are not a straightforward affair and you have to do a lot of digging to ensure that you get the right package for your needs.

Strong VPN Features is more than a VPN service but also offers VPN routers. These routers can be used with your VPN service to connect to your Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, PS3, Xbox and other similar devices. These routers can also be used to connect with services like Hulu and Netflix that require your IP address to originate in a specific country. StrongVPN can also protect your computer when you using a WiFi hotspot. These hotspots are generally unsecure and can be easily accessed by hackers who are trying to steal your personal information. With StrongVPN, your information is encrypted and anonymous so it cannot be accessed by a third party. StrongVPN also offers static IP addresses which gives you an additional layer of security. This IP address will always be associated with your account – it will never change which means no other IP can access your personal information. Data Transfer: Unlimited VPN Servers: 244 Located Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Norway IP Address: 7200 Supported Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN (SSL) Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Routers Other Features: 

  • Security for hotspot surfers
  • 2 American or Euro IP anywhere
  • 3 Unblock VOIP applications
  • 4 Unblock websites overseas
  • 5 24×7 Live Technical Quality Support
  • 6 Gbit Network Connectivity
  • 7 High Speed Connection No Bandwidth Charges
  • 8 Surf and be anonymous
  • 9 Switch VPNLocations Easily From Customer Area
  • 10 128-2048 Secure Encrypted Channel

StrongVPN Servers

As of this writing, StrongVPN has servers in 19 countries around the world. However, as mentioned in the previous section, there isn’t a lot of flexibility in accessing these servers. Your location and the subscription package will determine the servers you can access. The company claims that this restriction is to allow them to offer a consistently high performing network.

StrongVPN Security and Privacy

Supported protocols include PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. The company offers several encryption levels ranging from 128-bit to 256-bit. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to know the encryption being used on your connection. Moreover, you are not given the liberty to choose the level of encryption you want unless you’re on the Premium plan. As for privacy, the company’s logging policy looks good on paper. However, their real actions are at odds with their written claims. It’s understandable that some VPN providers are required by their base jurisdictions to maintain user logs, but where there is no clear law on that issue, there is no need for a company to keep logs. StrongVPN is known for readily bumping off users who access file-sharing networks. This kind of information is only available if a company tracks user activity. If you’re serious about privacy, you simply cannot look past such things. The company’s customer support is above average though and this is one of their strongest areas. Quick responses and round-the-clock availability are the defining factors of their support. StrongVPN will never sell or distribute your information to a third party. StrongVPN only collects your personal information for billing and purchasing purposes. In addition, information about your web browser type and IP address is also collected for these purposes. These policies are the same for WiFi hotspots, homes and businesses. If there is any suspicious activity, StrongVPN may collect additional information on that particular user. However, once the problem is identified, StrongVPN will stop collecting this information. StrongVPN is certified by TRUSTe, a leading online privacy protection company, to ensure that your privacy is protected at all times.

StrongVPN Speed

The servers used by StrongVPN all allow you to access a high-speed internet connection and in most cases, you will not notice any change in the speed of your internet. Your speed may be slower if you are using a server that is in another country but most users report having no issue in regards to speed. In addition, you may notice a slightly slower speed when using OpenVPN due to the additional security features provided by this VPN type.

StrongVPN Ease of Use

StrongVPN has an automatic setup process which is extremely simple and only requires a few clicks. You can also set up StrongVPN manually but it is more difficult. However, if you are required to perform a manual setup, StrongVPN provides a step-by-step guide complete with screenshots for all available operating systems in order to make the process easier. You can also contact a customer support representative if you have any questions.

StrongVPN Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can contact customer support via Skype, live chat or email. In the “Contact Us” section of the StrongVPN website, you will see all of the staff that is currently on duty, what their expertise is, customer reviews and contact information. This allows you to quickly and easily find the person you need to speak to- whether it’s a sales question or a technical question about your operating system.

What do other websites say about StrongVPN?

Reviews by the

  1. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth by getting the service offered by
  2. The clients are given a money back guarantee of 7 day so they can claim the refunds in case of any problem.
  3. This service offers Static IPs and Dynamic IPs to ensure high quality results.
  4. The Server network of this company is present in more than 13 countries.
  5. Good, efficient and attentive support is provided to individual customer.

Reviews by the

  1. It is easy to avoid the high costs by using the convenient internet connection.
  2. The packages offered by the strongvpn coupon code include the low switching costs.
  3. The packages are easy to understand.
  4. Packages can be interchanged if you are not satisfied with policy or offer.
  5. Open VPN service allows the clients and customers to have efficient protocols to gain good web speed and traffic.

Reviews by the

  1. The service is famous for the provision of free access to many websites such as YouTube and Netflix.
  2. Enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and web traffic for the immediate learning and utilization.
  3. The professional clients enjoy the outstanding packages according to the business type.
  4. There are separate internet connections and protocols available for the professional as well as the domestic clients.
  5. Network and speed issues are immediately handled by the online customer support.
  6. Use a public wifi safely

Reviews by the

  1. Very quick and efficient internet connection for the USA.
  2. This service doesn’t charge hidden costs and prices.
  3. Everything mentioned in the package manual will be entertained accordingly.
  4. Get the premium service by using the trial version.
  5. It will be better if you try the trial version of this internet connection service.

Reviews by the

  1. The internet connection offered by coupon code is very low cost.
  2. Affordable for the average customers and clients.
  3. No need to pay regular rates if you are using limited connection features.
  4. The clients are charged according to the statement or rate of utilization

Strong VPN Customer Reviews 1

I had been skeptical in the beginning, but all things have gone easily yesteryear couple of days. It had been a lot more difficult to set up than I’d anticipated, however, I did manage to make it happen. This didn’t connect correctly until Used to do some troubleshooting, however, it has laboured perfectly since that time. Employees with the chat box happen to be constantly useful. The rate continues to be great. The only real time the web is a touch slow happens when I attempt to look at a relevant video, however, I experienced exactly the same type of slowness in the USA. Used to do order the VPN in the united states yesterday I left for China since the website is blocked within China. I suggest StrongVPN coupon code to any or all my buddies.

Strong VPN Customer Review 2

Happy using the service to date. It’s fast and reliable. Strong VPN is among the couple of companies which has 256bit AES, user configurable ports and protocol (UDP/TCP), and limitless bandwidth for OpenVPN based connections. Anybody using public wi-fi compatibility MUST make use of a VPN since tools like Firesheep make hacking a typical activity in public areas. Plugins for example HTTPS everywhere helps secure web access in the browser, but cannot safeguard network traffic using their company programs as well as all websites utilized in the browser. Merely a VPN can safeguard ALL traffic in your machine from cyber-terrorist around the local wi-fi compatibility subnet.

Strong VPN Customer Review 3

It’s excellent!! I’d just a little trouble, however, the online support can be obtained 24 hrs plus they fixed my problem via chat. I only needed to inform them I had been getting into trouble. A number of my colleagues switched to Strong VPN simply because they couldn’t use their VPN in UAE and didn’t get the support using their other service providers. We’re travelling and remaining in contact with the household is essential! Thanks, Strong vpn!!

Strong VPN Customer Review 4

Strong VPN is quick to provide premium VPN services, support, and prices towards the everyday user. Using the recent bills that lie before Congress, I’d wanted a method to remain anonymous. I do not have almost anything to hide, I merely have confidence in our fourth Amendment privileges. I had been nervous in the beginning concerning the complexity of the setup. Never getting set up a VPN before, it required mere minutes to become ready to go. With endless wiki pages and just how-tos, Strong VPN could not make installation simpler. My second concern was speed degradation. In the beginning, I’d attempted to possess my router run the PPTP file encryption, and for you I compensated a significant sped hit (Went from 16mbps to two.5 megabyte per second). Presuming it was the router, I setup your personal computer to handle file encryption, and also the speed returned towards the 16mps! The service Strong VPN provides is FAST, as lengthy as the hardware will keep up! I would suggest Strong VPN to anybody searching for a VPN solution today. With excellent documentation, reasonable prices, and top-notch service, you cannot fail with Strong!

Strong VPN Customer Review 5

Going back twelve months the service has been doing a fantastic job by permitting me to gain access to all formerly unaccessible sites like twitter and facebook as I am positioned in China. Nevertheless the last couple of days it’s been hard to even reach StrongVPN sites without VPN switched on because the Chinese firewall is in possession of StrongVPN locked or supervised. However, downside if you’re in China and taking advantage of an American VPN location you will discover your download and access decelerate especially during the night in China that is morning in the USA.

Strong VPN Customer Review 6

After I discovered StrongVPN I had been really surprised it exists this king and services information. I needed to I am really happy really to possess this services. StrongVPN is actually fast for my need. I personally use StrongVPN to look at stream video on France website. It is fast so streaming is actually fluid. I personally use also StrongVPN in lots of hotels to make sure my information is protected and encoded. The support is actually useful and fast. I had been an issue on my small hotel wi-fi compatibility room and support assist me to rapidly fast. The only real factor I regret is the fact that some StrongVPN package does not include French VPN you have to purchase the large one package. I recommend strongly StrongVPN, great service!

Strong VPN Customer Review 7

StrongVPN may be the first VPN provider which I know of that actually handles to provide a VPN service worth it’s title! When working at home I am situated on the devoted 100/100Mbits fibre connection so when I contact my company’s internal assets I notice very little drops in speed, packet deficits etc whatsoever, thoroughly amazing. StrongVPN can also be the very first VPN provider I have tried personally that provides servers around the globe meaning I’m able to change my “exit” place to almost all over the world to best suit me. I’m truly impressed which emerges at a very affordable cost too! I definitely recommend StrongVPN if you are searching for VPN options.

Strong VPN Customer Review 8

There’s just one word to explain how this particular service is: AMAZING! Honestly, I had been just a little sceptic after I bought the lite PPTP pack. I’m a very bad knowledge about proxies previously, and taking advantage of a VPN was new for me personally. Nevertheless, everything laboured like nobodies business! The rate is really amazing – I do not use whatever difference both in my download and my upload speed. On the top from it, my ping is just elevated by 10 ms, meaning I’m able to play games with no problems