CactusVPN Review

CactusVPN Summary:

Unlimited VPN

  • $9.99/month for all servers
  • $4.99/month for one country

Data Transfer: Unlimited VPN Servers: N/A Located Countries: United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom IP Address: N/A Supported Protocols: L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN Supported Platforms: Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android


CactusVPN Features:

CactusVPN promises fair encryption for all over internet activities and it offers unrestricted proxy and VPN from privacy promising servers in the United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom. This VPN service involves L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN supported protocols allowing internet users to have easy access to anonymous web surfing from Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android.

CactusVPN Packages

Interested individuals just have to pay $9.99/month for all servers and $4.99/month for one country and this is quite an affordable price for budget-conscious people who want to maintain online privacy protection without disturbing their economic plan. Availability of server depends upon your selection of payment plan and another rich feature of this server is that it allows P2P traffic and torrent downloading through Netherlands server. L2TP and PPTP improve existing compatibility to iPhone, Android or iPad.

CactusVPN Features

At first, service providers give preference to speed test of baseline without connecting your internet with VPN server after become sure about its upstream and download. Customers do not a complaint against low-speed internet connection after encrypting private traffic. Browser compatibility of this server is with Firefox, Google Chrome, Explorer, Opera and Safari. If you choose premium CactusVPN, it will incorporate proxy access, L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. Pricing plans for this up to standard VPN server are favourable for everyone and this is the reason people appreciate their connection with OpenVPN and other supported protocols. You can frankly sign up in order to enjoy a free trial of 24 hours and it will be a nice experience to make others view your replaced IP address and location. Regular users of VPN server keep surfing anonymously without exposing your IP and real location. What more you can get from CactusVPN server is easy to access blocked sites and VPN applications are very simple to apply. 30-day money back warranty proves satisfactory for customers and they feel easy with unmetered bandwidth for P2P and torrent downloading. Debit card, credit card and PayPal are acceptable modes of payment for service providers so customers should pay through these pre-set payment methods for their own convenience as well as for the convenience of service providers. You will surely admit the significant role of VPN server after viewing its privacy enriching features. The response time of this server is really very little and it does not make you wait for returns you expect from this technology. This courteous VPN server never disappoints its users and if you are doubtful, you can try it for free for a few hours and it will absolutely encrypt your internet connection. Users can also subscribe to ever updating blogs or they can follow VPN updates on Twitter in order to add this relaxing facility in their web-based life. Netherlands servers offer 25/month FREE Bit Torrent/P2P accounts but they will have to sign up for this service.

CactusVPN Customer Reviews

Privacy-sensitive internet users never like to compromise over online privacy protection because overall returns over internet-based investment depend upon privacy. People using CactusVPN server are satisfied with VPN contribution because they have to experience no interruption from 3rd parties or commercial interrupters. The speed of internet connection never gets spoiled and you can easily bypass ISP’s private traffic shaping. Customers’ satisfaction automatically enhances when they know about the fact that service providers do not record server logs. CactusVPN server avoids website filtering applications simultaneously ensuring online anonymity.