SecurityKISS VPN Review


SecurityKiss VPN Review Summary

SecurityKISS VPN Plans

Unlimited VPN €2.99 / month – Olivine (20 GB/month) €3.99 / month – Malachite (30 GB/month) €5.99 / month – Jadeite (50 GB/month + PPTP) €9.99 / month – Emerald (unlimited + PPTP)

SecurityKISS Features

Data Transfer: Unlimited (20 GB to 50 GB) VPN Servers: N/A Located Countries: Germany, Switzerland, United States, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Poland IP Address: N/A Supported Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP Supported Platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux

SecurityKISS Offering

Highly developed technology of SecurityKISS VPN server offers lively features for mental relaxation of sensitive nature internet users. It includes OpenVPN and PPTP supported protocols along with the enjoyable opportunity of unlimited 20 GB to 50 GB data transfer. It facilitates business community enhancing their capacity to share heavy documents with private traffic simultaneously hiding their real identity. Quick responding installation of server replaces real IP and location of internet user with another thus; assures for absolute anonymity.

SecurityKISS Platform

Technically advanced configuration of SecurityKISS VPN server retains the capacity to work on multiple platforms:

SecurityKISS Locations

It presents numerous server locations like:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Poland

SecurityKISS Packages

It offers free trial and after getting satisfaction, you can buy it following

  • Budget-friendly pricing plan as €2.99 / month – Olivine (20 GB/month),
  • €3.99 / month – Malachite (30 GB/month),
  • €5.99 / month – Jadeite (50 GB/month + PPTP)
  • €9.99 / month – Emerald (unlimited + PPTP).

Your close affiliation with SecurityKISS VPN server will protect online confidential security and it encrypts overall internet traffic to prevent unwanted interruption. It is in your access to carry on web-based performance with sure maintenance of full anonymity. Dynamic/shared IPs along with unconstrained and metered VPN account enables internet users to enjoy free of disruption surfing. They can visit every regionally blocked website like Facebook, Hulu, Netflix, Twitter or BBCiPlayer and this sort of advanced surfing augments their standard of online performance. If you have intentions to know more about torrent/P2P restrictions, you can frankly contact online service suppliers. If you are an inexperienced user of the internet, you can install SecurityKISS VPN server with great ease but if you find any complexity, online support is here to assist you via email. AlertPay, CashU and PayPal account are up to standard modes of payment and subscribers should preferably make payment through these abovementioned options. It is the latest technology that secures internet connection and ensures full anonymity whilst bypassing likely restrictions. Simple and smart contribution of this special technology brings healthy as well as revolutionary impact in the lives of internet users. It is very easy to make advantageous use of SecurityKISS VPN server that acquires no password, registration or username for the installation process. High anonymity with server leads you towards financial benefits through secure online activities. It never exposes actual identity or IP address of its subscriber and here is another useful feature; you have to deal with no ads during unrestricted surfing. Exclusively integrated tunnelling encrypts traffic to keep malicious hackers away from your private traffic, online dealings or web-based communications.

SecurityKISS Customer Reviews

SecurityKISS VPN server is rich exposure of modern-day technology and meets demands of upcoming as well as internet crazy generation. Willing customers are happy with uncapped speed of server and recommend leading generation to enrich their surfing experience with it. If you want to protect your online privacy whilst unblocking blocked sites or online TV channels, it will be the best choice on your part as conscious internet user. Game lovers can play banned games without changing their location with SecurityKISS VPN server. You can conveniently conceal IP and location to remove the threat of interruption with technical assistance of privacy promising server.