Is SaferVPN Safe To Use in 2020?


SaferVPN Review Summary

SaferVPN is a high-end VPN service which is easy and effective to use thanks to a geographically distributed network of servers and great speed performance. SaferVPN is a customer-focused service with clear commitments to ensure data protection and maintain uncensored web activities. This is a good choice even for beginner users, thanks to free trials and easy setup procedures.

SaferVPN Prices and Options

SaferVPN comes with 3 pricing plans with the different number of concurrent connections support (1, 3 or 7). Otherwise, all three are identical. A free trial is offered for 1 day, as well as a money back guarantee for 2 weeks. Friend referrals are awarded a free month for both. Most successful users can utilize this option to earn credit for up to 1-year free use. In the case of one-off annual payment for the Single plan, the monthly fee is just 5.99 dollars, which is an average price tag for a VPN service. For SMBs which opt for monthly instalments, the price is much higher: 29.99 dollars. The selection of payment methods is extensive. Credit cards are welcomed, as well as PayPal transfers, payments via regional web services like Alipay or WebMoney, and Bitcoins for total anonymity.

SaferVPN Specifications

SaferVPN was founded in 2013. The company based in Israel, with strong business connections with the States. One hundred servers are run in 20+ countries including Australia, South America and East Asia in addition to conventional European and North American locations. Depending on the plan, from 1 to 7 simultaneous SaferVPN server connections can be maintained. P2P file transfer clients are banned. This is stated in the terms of use. As reported by the customer support team, P2P can be indirectly allowed from servers in few countries, including Netherlands and Poland, by in practice this file sharing option is inoperable.

SaferVPN Privacy and Security Matters

SaferVPN can maintain connections via different protocols: PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, OpenVPN. PPTP is run in line with 128-bit encryption; L2TP & OpenVPN operate on the basis of 256-bit encryption keys. Terms of use and privacy policy followed by SaferVPN are straightforward and specific. For instance, the company makes it clear that only basic connection details are logged. These are IP-addresses, VPN servers, timing of connections and bandwidth.

SaferVPN Website

The website, as well as the software clients of SaferVPN, is nicely-packed and easy to use, with a bold profile of features and readily accessible essential details (except for some technical details such as the precise encryption level). Everyone who spends a few minutes browsing the web-site pages is prompted to use a gentle chat dialogue and get answers to any questions. Without any doubt, it is a sales trick to encourage the users to purchase a subscription. At the same time, it is a nice way to demonstrate interest to the customers and attention to their needs. There are convenient navigation options and easily accessible client downloads links to subscription plans and help sections. The blog offers a conventional mix of privacy recommendations, special offers and content unblocking guidelines.