Why It’s Worth Getting VPN for Your Phone in the US

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Though you may be familiar with the term VPN, you may not have thought of using it for your phone. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s a secure method of connecting to an internet network, or even an intranet. 

A VPN uses protocols to encrypt the information going through it and you are essentially given a new IP address. The applications for VPNs are as varied as their uses, though this article will focus on protecting your browser and phone.

Why Use VPN in the First Place?

VPN services are sometimes necessary to bypass censorship or other governmental restrictions on the internet. It is also necessary for individuals working for companies that have blockages on certain websites.

But you can use VPN for fun too! VPNs allow you to watch Netflix from other countries, and access other sites that are blocked in your country.

VPNs also add an extra layer of security and privacy to your browsing. Online criminals can hack your phone without you knowing it is happening. When you use a VPN, your online data is encrypted and your IP address is hidden.

What Kind of Information Can Be Pulled from Your Phone Usage?

1. Screen Time

Your phone is tracking your screen time. This is not only for the usage time for apps but also for messaging, surfing the web, and calling other people. These items can be used to show the time spent on one app vs another.

Most phones have apps that can show screen time, but these apps can track all the incoming and outgoing calls you’ve made, texts and emails you’ve sent, and more.

2. Tracking and Surveillance

Google is notorious for tracking everything you do while using your phone. You can turn off any track you want, but the big problem will still be that it’s happening at all. Apps you install can sometimes track your actions without your permission and apps are able to use your GPS location and other information about you.

3. Location 

Your phone knows where you are at any given moment. It knows what time and where you left work and that you went to the grocery store right afterward. While this can be good in some ways as it keeps you connected and informed, there are still plenty of risks as the information can get in the wrong hands. 

4. Demographics 

To make up their massive user base, social media websites need to know a lot about you and this information can also be used to track you. If they know your age, gender, and interests they can target advertising to you better. They can also make inferences about your life and post information about you online.

The Bottom Line: How VPN can Protect Your Privacy, No Matter the Device

No matter who you are, your personal data can be collected and used against you. Using a VPN can help you protect your privacy and avoid the risks that come with your phone usage. VPNs are fast, safe, and secure and can be used across all your devices. VPNs are often paid services, but they are worth the purchase price because they keep your information safe.

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